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Another “ism” in education..are you serious?  Is connectivism a new learning theory or not?  I recently read a wiki in support of this new learning theory.  The Wiki titled, The Practicality of Connectivism gave many reasons why connevtivism should be considered a new learning theory as opposed to supporting other learning theories.  While I agree that connectivism is a new way of learning, I have questions about the debate.  Does it really matter if this is a new learning theory or not?  Why do we need to spend time arguing whether this should be considered a “theory?”  Let’s say the debate ends and it is considered a new theory.  Is it going to be packaged and sold to school districts like so many other learning theories have?  Is someone going to make millions on its framework?  If students are learning in this “theory” then lets just accept it as an acceptable teaching practice and use it.  Part of teaching is knowing your students.  If your students can use the connectivism way to learn, then it should be used.  If not, adopt another learning theory or supplement connectivism with it.  Our students are constantly changing.  Technology is changing.  If we can’t keep up as educators, we will fall behind and be replaced by someone who can keep up.  Theory is only as good as its application.  If it works, use it.  Does it really matter if it is accepted as a theory or not?  Sometimes I think that the intelligent people who research and create these “theories” forget what its like to be in the classroom.  Most likely, they have never been in a classroom before….